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For a description of the book with sample text, Click Hear.


Order directly here through Amazon.

I also hope to have it available in local bookstore, which I will list here when available.

"The Shadows We Share"            $13.99
Giclee Prints

The finest giclee prints on canvas. Canvasses can be printed at any size at a cost of  35 cents per square inch. For example, a 24"x24" print would cost $201.60. Shipping costs will be added at cost plus $20 handling. Generally, canvas prints are sent in protective cylinder. Costs and delivery options can be fully discussed with order. Please use Contact page to work out details. Thank you.

Prints Available:
By the Sirens Sweetly Singing
Abandoned Aircraft Over an Unknown World
I Am The Eggmen
The Clown Flower
Ezekiel at Midnight
Geometric Coincidence
The Monk and the Serpent
Ezekiel by Daylight
The Wave
Clown of Creation
Offset Black&White Print
         Signed Prints             $45

(includes shipping anywhere in U.S.)

         " Affiliations in Boakonism" 

                         ( 1982)

13"x18" signed prints from original pen drawing.

   A fine offset print on fine quality art paper.


I created this as an homage and sister piece to

"The Apple and the Rose" , an ink drawing by my good friend dick boak.

It drew directly from his composition, but altering

elements into my own vision. 

"The Apple and the Rose"     dick boak    1980, 81
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