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Telling Stories in Doodles

Ah, these are creatures of themselves, the offspring of lines. They are explorations of pattern  mixed with a cartoon mentality, in service of ambiguity and absurdity. I've been playing with these forms for years, beginning in the early 70's. Armed with a Rapidograph technical pen, I filled a few spiral notebooks with endless variations. I put them aside for 10 years and then I began new volumes of Doodle Books. Those books contained a mix of styles and content. The idea was not to prejudge its intent or content. One subset of the content was this style of drawings, based on the abstract interaction of lines and the images they merge into. 

martini man line.jpg
line of sight.jpg
odd beast line.jpg
the proud and happy man- the waiter line
stair mouth line.jpg
man of the line.jpg
hand line.jpg
abstract line.jpg
good hand line.jpg
abstract thought line.jpg
sky lines 2.jpg
cantilevered line (2).jpg
like an elephant line (2).jpg
landscape line.jpg
sea clown line (2).jpg
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