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Telling stories in Illustrations

   In general this is work created when there is a text involved. This is a somewhat newer focus of my work. I am particularly enjoying and am excited by the challenge of designing artwork focused on portraying and enhancing a particular story.

    I also included works without an existing text, but share in the visual style.    

    In either case, I'm tapping into a different language of my art, as opposed to the section called "Paintings", in which the pure visual language supersedes the narrative form. 

Images from "The Shadows We Share"


Images from Future Sci Fi Picture Book

Dummy 1.jpg
More Than a Whizzzzzzz.jpg

Images for Future History of Science Book

illustration Aristotle explores the mind
illustration Aristotle studies the anima
illustration Einstein thinks about the u

Image for  "I Once Made an Elephant Appear"


Other Assorted Illustrations 

Glo-Ball Productions (2).jpg
My occasional logo
Owl Woman.bmp
The Serpent and the Monk
Owl Woman
elephant costume sketch.jpg
Elephant Suit
Hippo illus only 2.jpg
secretive fish sketch.jpg
Fish sketch in carousel
brocure unused design.jpg
Pamphlet design                   1995
Sketch for poem, "Hippopotamus"
Toast of the Town 2.jpg
Illustration for "Life A' La Carte"  by Michael Guerrin      (unpublished)
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