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I began creating murals at the end of 1994, deciding to put aside my own visions and use my skills to build a profession. I saw my own imaginary work falling into expected patterns and questioned its creative value; I seemed to know where I was going, so why go there. I also thought , almost as a joke to myself, that I wanted a down-payment for when I picked up a brush. Eventually, in 2001, as a result of three inspiring exhibits, I realized that the world of art was, in fact, my world; the people who create it and the people who appreciate were my people. And the act of creating it was my calling. So, I returned to the easel to explore my own vision, though I continued doing murals for several years. 

 I must add that it was a great experience meeting people, going into their homes and creating new and imaginative spaces for them and I am glad for the time that I did. But, it was becoming clearer and clearer that I had my own path and that I  was wasting my time unless I followed it. 

Now, the tides have shifted slightly and after a long hiatus, I'm looking to create murals once more. This time I want to explore my vision more fully as I adapt to that of the client's perspectives.

Artist at work.jpg
a murals begins       c.2000
Salon Flower Mural- Detail 1 email large
Quakertown Mural.jpg
A forest  for a foyer
Big flower mural in tanning salon lobby
Library Illusion.jpg
Cherubs changed.jpg
Cherubs in healing center
Leopard Mural.jpg
Two sliding closet doors converted into                    imaginary library
Leopard sleeping in baby's room
Faerie Mural (Detail 1) email large.jpg
Fairy Chain.jpg
Fairy Dew Mirror.jpg
The fairy invasion
Mural in Relief1.jpg
Large plaster sunflower relief dominate                 master bedroom corner
Tuscany Kitchen.jpg
View of Tuscany  from kitchen wall
Flower Mural.jpg
Tanning salon lobby
Bathroom Nudes2.jpg
Decorative nudes rise on bathroom wall
Flower Mural1.jpg
Corner of tanning salon mural
Fountain Mural2.jpg
Fountain mural in healing center
Villa Mural.jpg
Villa courtyard in living room
Decorative Vine 1a.JPG
Decorative mural replaces wallpaper with something original
Rabbit from Wonderland.jpg
Don't be late!
Whimsy for the Boaks.jpg
Mural from an imaginary world
Vase Mural.jpg
Vase mural detail.jpg
This dining room mural is both simple and exotic
Flowers and Butterfly.jpg
Detail from frog mural in pediatrician's office
Egyptian Room 1-email large.jpg
Want to be an Egyptian queen? This teenager did.
Fish on bicycle copy - email large.jpg
Zebra Mural.jpg
Zebra in children's room
Mystic Lands - small.jpg
Bathroom mural in healing center
One of eight murals in pediatrician's exam rooms
A courtyard in your kitchen
Zebra Herd.jpg
Bedroom wall upon the African plain
Elephant Mural.jpg
The elephant in the room
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